Matt & Kelly's St. Lucia wedding plans

About Us

Kelly was born in Mississippi and grew up in Alabama.  After graduating from Auburn University she moved to Austin, TX.  From Austin, Kelly moved to Raleigh.

Matt was born in Canada to British parents.  Matt has lived in Atlanta, Raleigh and England.  He attended North Carolina State University.

How we met

Matt and I met on a beach trip to Topsail Beach on Memorial Day weekend 2008.  We later realized we actually lived less then a mile away from each other.  I knew we would be friends and told Matt we would "hang out" all the time once we got back.  Two years later we are still hanging out. :)   This is our first pic together.  :)

Proposal 3-21-10

As my birthday quickly approached, I wondered what exactly the day would have in store.  I told M that a nice dinner would be fine, no gift necessary.  Years of birthday disappoints, break-ups, etc had left me a “Birthday Scrooge”, as a friend would say.  It’s hard to be disappointed with a nice romantic dinner out.

I finally decided on a nice Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and M made the reservation for Sunday night.  We both decided to take Monday, my actual birthday off.  As Sunday rolled around so did the clouds.  Over the weekend I received  a few birthday cards containing monetary gifts.  With money in hand I decided I needed a new dress for the occasion.  Well as luck would have it, there was not a cute dress to be found.  A last ditch trip to Target ended the dress hunt without a dress but with new shoes.  Oh well

When we got home we realized there would be no outdoor dining as the clouds were looking quite ominous.  We dressed, complete with new shoes and headed to dinner.  While at dinner M told me he had a “silly” gift for me to open that night.  I didn’t think much of this as I figured he had found some sort of Auburn memorabilia at a local sports store.  After dinner we decided to head to The Cheesecake Factory for dessert.  As we were waiting for a drink and cheesecake, I told M that friend of ours had asked me if I thought he would propose.  I told her that if he did, he would give me a ring pop first.  I explained this was a running joke with M and I.  He just chuckled and asked if they still made those.  With cheesecake in hand we headed back to the house.  Once we were changed and back downstairs M asked if I was ready for my gift.  I said sure.  I grabbed the box from the coffee table and began to unwrap it.  Having no idea what the box might contain, I was quite shocked to see a ring pop right there in front of my eyes.  I looked at M and as I turned he pulled a ring out of his pocket.  He told me that he wanted me to be his wife and “will you marry me?”  I immediately began to cry just looking at him.  I finally managed to say “I think I’m supposed to say Maaaaybee.”  “HAHA yes!!!”  And kissed him.  He put the ring on my finger and I noticed he was shaking.  Awww how sweet considering he had known my answer for months.